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Projects from Calls 1&2


Name of the project Contact Research period Key question / Key goal Keywords

Impact of farm and forest practices on soil organic matter and microbial respiration. 

INRA Orléans (Dominique Arrouays)


Methodological aspects of monitoring soil carbon, microbial biomass and activity, modelling carbon dynamics, spatio-temporal variability

Mapping, soil organic matter, Landes de Gascogne, mapping, microbial biomass

Environmental functions of buffer zones

INRA Grignon (Pierre Benoit)


How the management of buffer zones affects organic contaminants (pesticides) retention and runoff

Pesticides, runoff, buffer zones

Characterisation of trace elements (TE) bioavailability in soils

INRA ENSAIA (Guillaume Echevarria)


Comparison of several speciation methods to characterize TE

Neutral extracts, isotopic dilution, X ray speciation

Evaluation and modelling of nitrous oxide emissions from soil

INRA Dijon (Jean-Claude Germon)


How to implement nitrous oxides emissions in models at regional scale taking into account the effects of soil type and farm practices

Nitrous oxide, GHG, soil, modelling, mapping

Including uncertainty into risk assessment of contaminated soils

BRGM Orleans (D. Guyonnet)


Development of a mathematical method dealing with uncertainties to be used in risk assessment methods

Uncertainty, contaminated land, risk assessment

Trace elements in soils : assessment of spatial distribution and transfer to plants (La Châtre - Indre)

BRGM Orleans (Christophe Mouvet and Yann Itard)


How to define background values at a regional scale and estimate the transfer of traces elements to plants

Trace elements, background values, mapping, plant contamination

Impact of harvest and planting techniques on the forest soils fertility. Example for a 70 years old Douglas planting in Beaujolais.

INRA Nancy (Jacques Ranger)


How the management of the harvest and the regeneration can impact the fertility of forest soils

Forest soil, organic matter, nutrient cycling, management practices

Characterisation and monitoring of silty soils in Brittany

AgroCampus Ouest (Christian Walter)


Development and validation of physical, biological and chemical indicators to characterize silty soils

Silty soils, earthworms, pore density, water infiltration

Soil functions and proprieties restoration in intensive crop farming system: effect of biodiversity and alternative cropping systems on organic matter and soil structure in silty soil (DMOSTRA)

INRA Versailles (May Balabane)


How to improve the quality of silty soils (organic matter, soil structure)

Organic matter, crop rotation, biodiversity

Mapping carbon stocks and sequestration potential in Petites Antilles Island

IRD (Eric Blanchart and Martial Bernoux)


How to combine soil maps with C analysis to estimate regional carbon stocks and its sequestration potential according to management practices

Organic matter, crop management, modelling, digital soil mapping

Pollutant effects on soil microbes: methods to analyse the size, the structure and the activity of soil microbial communities

INRA Dijon (Rémi Chaussod and Fabrice Martin Laurent)


Develop methods to characterise the effect of pesticides on the microbial fraction of soils (quantity, diversity and activity)

Microbial respiration, diversity, DNA extraction, enzyme activities

Consequences of organic waste spreading on soil quality and culture yields (Long term experiment in Colmar)

INRA Grignon (Sabine Houot)


Characterize the effects on soil and on plant yields of the spreading of organic waste (contamination, organic matter, soil structure, transfer to plants)

Organic waste, soil and plant quality

Physical degradation of vineyard soils and its impacts on water quality

INRA Montpellier (P. Lagacherie)


Estimate how the vineyard practices impact soil structure (i.e. compaction) and contribute to the degradation of water quality (erosion, runoff)

Vineyard soils, compaction, runoff, erosion

Development of a soil quality indicator based on macrofauna.

IRD (Patrick Lavelle)


Development and calibration of a new index using soil macrofauna on agricultural soils and sites contaminated by trace elements

Soil invertebrates, index, indicator, trace elements

Long term impact of waste spreading on agrosystem : experimental site of La Bouzule.

ENSAIA (Christophe Schwartz)


Characterize the effects on soil and on plant yields of spreading of organic waste (contamination, organic matter, soil structure, transfer to plants, ecotoxicological assays)

Organic waste, soil and plant quality, bioassays

Collective control of erosive streaming

INRA Orléans (Yves Lebissonnais)


Spatial planning to limit soil erosion

Spatial planning, erosion, collaborative modelling

Towards a better inclusion of root C in the management and the modelling of SOM dynamics (Root-C)

INRA Aix en Provence (Jérôme Balesdent)


Development of labelling experiments on plants (13C) to estimate the flow of rhizodeposition account for in the soil carbon budget, its nature/fate, and its effect on pre-existing soil carbon. Inclusion of such results in soil carbon models.

Soil carbon, soil organic matter, plant roots, rhizodeposition, exudation, priming effect

Development of tools for predicting SOM management effects on soil structure dynamics (MOST)

INRA (Claire Chenu)


How to derive based on the collection of soil data models to predict the behaviour of soil organic matter due to agricultural practices and soil amendments

Soil structure, soil organic matter modelling, organic waste, agricultural practices, aggregate stability

Organic waste re-use for agriculture in tropical soils (Île de la Réunion) : Impact on trace elements transfer (RECYCL)

CIRAD (Emmanuel Doelch)


How to evaluate the impact of spreading of organic wastes on the speciation and the transfer of tropical soil borne heavy metals.

Heavy metal, soil, organic waste, agricultural recycling

Pastoral practices, cattle manure and microbial water quality : Roles of pedological and hydrological factors on survival and transfer of E. coli populations at the hill slope scale (PASTOR)

INRA Thonon (Jean Marcel Dorioz)


Characterize survival and storage compartments of E. coli in soil following release by cattle dejections, and to compare with population dynamics of typical soil microorganisms (the fluorescent Pseudomonas spp.) for appraisal of adaptive strategies in E. coli.

Catchments area, E. coli, pastoralism, soil, transfer, water quality

Farm and forest land physical degradation due to compaction (DST): impact, prediction, study, cartography

INRA Orléans (Guy Richard)


Quantify the impacts of soil compaction on soil environmental functions; Identify the conditions of the land use leading to problems of compaction, prevent the occurrence of these conditions; Monitor the evolution of soil structure after compaction.

Soil, compaction, mapping, monitoring, modelling, geophysical methods, environmental impact

Agricultural practices and environmental impacts : Towards a better coupling of organic matter and microbial communities dynamics with C and N fluxes in soils (COSMOSFLUX)

INRA Laons (Sylvie Recous)


Fluxes of GHG due to land use changes and respective modifications of soil microbial communities

GHG emissions, soil microorganisms, biodiversity, activity