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Projects from Call 3


Name of the project Contact Research period Key question / Key goal Keywords

Soil fauna characteristics rely to functions environmental changes (TRACES)

IRD Bondy (Florence Dubs)


Quantify the effect of several environmental filters on dominants species of soil invertebrates (macrofauna and collembolan) and identify spatial scale from which the landscape structure have significant impact on local communities.

Soil biodiversity; ecosystem services; microbial communities; feedback characteristics; land use change; indicator

Biodiversity and functioning of a constructed Technosoil used for the restoration of industrial areas (BIOTECHNOSOL)

ENSAIA/INRA (Jérôme Cortet)


Understand Technosoil capacity to assure essential functions of a natural soil, mostly the vegetal development, and so the fertility potential.

Technosoils ; soil sealing ; industrial wasteland ; virtual soil ; pedogenesis ; soil organism

Analyzing incentive mechanisms behind the provision of ecosystem services delivered by soils (ECOSOL)

INRA Montpellier (Gilles Grolleau)


Which private or public approach is likely to maintain soil ecosystem services? How the policy maker can select the optimal solution?

Environment economic analysis ; ecosystem services ; soil right property analysis ; néo-institutionnal economy ; behaviour economy; estimation ecosystem services

Uses of urban and peri urban soil for town sustainable development (JARDINS FAMILIAUX)

Fondation Maison Sciences de l'Homme (Louiza Boukharaeva)


How to combine soil and land use legislation, economical activity, design and garden management, stakeholders organisations and their social integration into a participatory democracy to sustainable use urban soils?

Urban and peri urban soil ; urban garden

Sociological interview on farmer and technical consultant soil perception (QUESACTES)

AgroSup Dijon (Claude Compagnone)


To understand the construction of collective point of view at farmer groups level and to confront this thinking with agronomist views.

Farmer representation; sociology

Suggestion of soil quality uses in urban and periurban zone - application to Provence mine basin (Uqualisol-ZU)

CNRS Aix (Samuel Robert)


How legislation allows the integration of soil quality in urban planning? Which index of soil quality can be produced?

Soil conservation ; urban monitoring; soil quality ; Provence mine basin ; soil quality indicator

Spectral indicators of biological soil quality (SpecBio)

IRD Montpellier (Bernard Barthes)


To evaluate the capacity of spectral indicators to provide an indicator of biological soil quality easily measurable. The biological quality will be evaluated according to carbon sequestration, ecosystem services and sequestration vulnerability to climate change.

Infra-red spectroscopy ; biological soil quality indicator ; carbon sequestration ; stock vulnerability due to climate change;

Using a Life Cycle Assessment approach to develop an indicator of the impact of agriculture on soil quality (ACVSol)

INRA Rennes (Michael Corson)


Choose representative farming systems (e.g. soil, climate and crop practices) characterized by a Minimum Data Set (MDS) and define algorithms to estimate the environmental impacts on soil of agricultural practices based on Life Cycle Assessment

Farm environmental impact ; Life Cycle Assessment; soil quality ; erosion ; soil organic matter ; compaction ; impact indicator

Soil as Pedological Archives, a tool for ecosystem management (APOGEE)

Université de Strasbourg (Dominique Schwartz)


Use of stable carbon fraction of organic matter, to push away the chronologic limit of vegetation changes. Use meanly chemotaxonomics tag and distribution of some major components (linear hydrocarbons, n-alcohols, n-acids, etc) to distinguish in soil the vegetation footprint

Infra-red spectroscopy ; lipids ; 14C ; pedological archives ; soil organic matter; ecosystem management ; ecological site

Research on legal protection of soil functions and services (Norma-Sol)

Université de Lyon (Philippe Billet)


To think and to conceptualize about soil as a legal subject

Soil quality ; soil functions and services ;  legal definition; environmental right

Epuration capacity value of hydromorphic soil include in their use - Which strategy of intervention on land market ? (ECOSOLHYDRO)

AgroSup Dijon (Elsa Martin)


To establish and to test a framework to protect the epuration capacity value of hydromorphic soil at catchments or small region scales.

Water quality ; land market ; wetland ; regulating function ; pedological indicator ; estimation cost

Environment, bio pesticide et biotechnology : which role for soil ? (EBISOL)

CIRAD (Roger Frutos)


Understanding the fate of insecticide proteins from transgenic plants or from bio pesticide. Training courses will be organised for various publics in order to transfer knowledge.

Bio pesticides ; genetically modified plant; ; organic farming ; training ; communication

Toward a sustainable management of soil as green support : maintain and development of functions and services - Example of Tours Build-up area (CESAT)

Université de Tours (Didier Boutet)


Establishment of an urban soil functions indicator model based on actual proceedings and dispositions, propositions will be build for the regulation of the sustainable management at town scale.

Ecosystem services; Tours Built-up area; soil management ; green support ; Indicator; soil functions

Knowledge building and circulation about soil ecosystem services in conservation farming (COSAC)

AgroParisTech (Hélène Brives)


How are collectively defined the soil functions and quality? How are they evaluated? Which measurements of observation are used? Which standard of soil result are recognize? How the change between «soil function» and «ecosystem services» takes place and witch services?

Knowledge production and evaluation ; conservation farming ; researcher ; farmer organisation ; ecosystem services; soil functions; indicator ; politics construction

Implementation of an integrative indicator for the management of depurator potential of soil submit to individual sanitation infiltration (ANCRES)

CNAM (Olivier Fouché)


Development of impact indicators for the implementation of individual sanitation infiltration disposals at territorial scales.

Individual sanitation ; cleaning soil functions ; used water infiltration  ;  integrative indicator

Filtration function of urban building -Application on the Anthroposol Creation (FAFF)

LES (Thierry Winiarski)


Development of indicators (chemicals, hydrological and/or structural) in order to qualify and quantify in time and space the filtration function of infiltration areas.

Infiltration zone; pollutant filtration; Lyon ; anthroposol ; modelling ; indicator

Mediterranean soil protection and water regulating functions improvement: modelling tools for practical adaptation (SP3A)

UMR Lisah (Patrick Andrieux)


Identify spatial distribution of agricultural practices and its impacts on the soil function "water flux". This will be made at the catchments scale which is likely to be technical and socially acceptable for wine-growers.

Water and pesticide flux regulating ; soil state ; farm practices ; climate ; vineyard ; spatial practices distribution ; modelling tools ; social acceptability; wine-growing

In-field Near infra-red spectroscopy for Carbon Accounting (INCA)

IRSTEA (Véronique Bellon-Maurel and Alexia Gobrecht)


Development of an equipment and methods to measure the soil carbon stocks using In-field Near infra-red spectroscopy.

Infra-red spectroscopy ; Instrumentation ; carbon stock ; Sequestration ; soil organic matter ; climate change; carbon market

Effects of applying exogenous organic matter onto soil on carbon storage, greenhouse gases emissions and nitrate leaching in periurban agricultural soils (PROSTOCK)

AgroParisTech (Emmanuelle Vaudour)


Estimate the spatial potentiality to improve the carbon stock in periurban soils by the re-use of organic waste and evaluate the potential effect on GHG balances (including nitrous lixiviation)

Urban agriculture ; waste reuse ; organic waste ; Plaine de Versailles ; Plateau des Alluets ; soil organic matter ; carbon stock; greenhouse gases emissions ; nitrous lixiviation ; infra-red spectroscopy ; territory approach ; modelling

MetaGENOmic approach for Soil global study - Application for anthropic impacts evaluation on soil biodiversity in the France North west (GENOSOIL-Fr)

Université de Rouen (Thibaud Decaëns)


Development of a method to quantify the global soil biodiversity to be implemented in studies about the impact of global changes on soil biodiversity erosion in temperate areas of north-west France.

Soil global biodiversity ; metagenomic approach ; anthropic impacts ; Nord-Ouest de la France ; global change

Living vineyard soil: how manage this capital for Champagne vineyard viability? (VitiEcoBioSol)

Université de Rennes (Daniel Cluzeau)


Which past or actual changes in farm and wine-growing practices contribute to better soil quality and biodiversity preservation?

Farm practices ; Champagne ; environmental management ; soil preservation; soil biodiversity management; communication

Social management of soil capital (CAPSOL)

INRA Montpellier (Robert Lifran)


Definition of the concept of soil capital, and development of a model for the optimal management of soils able to identify and characterize externalities. Conception of an incitative mechanism adapted (diversification bonus) to soil capital management at catchments or farm scales. Test the social acceptability and the efficiency of the diversification bonus.

Soil capital; management model; diversification bonus; social acceptability; economy ; ecosystem services; stock externalities; carbon stock ; agri-environmental measure